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Fine Lead Crystal:

It is not recommended to use a dishwasher.
Wash your product in lukewarm water using an abrasive-free detergent.
Dry the product with a very soft cloth immediately after it has been washed.
Do not rotate the cup counter to the stem when polishing the glass.
Keep the product in a dry place.
The grey coating, which may occur when the product  is not frequently used can be wiped off with a linen cloth.
Handle the glass carefully to prevent damage.
Keep the product out of the reach of children.

Searching For Bohemian Gift Idea?

Gifts - we offer variety of products from Czech Republic - our basic selection includes literally thousands of items. To make your search for a right product easier, our products are divided into several categories and lines:

Fine Bohemian crystal section -  in 14 lines you can view and (or) purchase 24% PbO collection which includes clear cut, cut combined with gold paint and (or) high enamel, bohemian fine lead crystal, crystal hand engraved items

Bohemian Glass and cristal section - 10 lines with selection of:

  • Clear and decorated hand or automatic production (glass, vases etc)
  • Hand-shaped unique gift, gift ideas, collectibles
  • Hand-crafted, Stained, Stained Glass,
    (special collection made by our top artisans)
  • Products decorated with traditional decorating techniques 
    (high enamel, cased and painted items)
  • Favour items - colored figurines, fruit, vegetable, trees, etc...

Chandeliers section offers:

  • Chandeliers with Swarovski, Preciosa machine or hand cut pendants
  • matching lamps and wall sconces

Porcelain section - here you can find:

  • Porcelain lace figurines
  • Typical Bohemian Blue Onion Porcelain

Jewelry section offers:

  • body jewelry from Bijoux De Bohemian
  • imitation pearls necklaces, bracelets...
  • Bohemian garnet silver, gold, and gold plated jewelry - necklaces, brooches, pendants, bracelets, sets, etc...

Safe Payment Online, Online Shopping, Insurance Policy And Shipping   

All purchases are safe. We use SSL security server, which is the industry standard and thus ensures 100% secure online shopping. Any online purchase is fully insured and all broken items will be immediately replaced for free. We also do take great care of insurance and delivery to the customer. We use DHL Priority mail, Air Mail or Surface mail. For larger packages, we suggest to use airport to airport shipping method, which can also be ordered Online

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